We’re here... for your whole life.

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We’re financial planning specialists with a wealth of experience in the industry. With offices in Launceston and Mornington – we aim to revolutionise how people think about financial planning.

We want to help you achieve a more fulfilled life, and we know that finances are only one part of that. Our referral network includes legal services, accountants, marketing consultants, personal trainers, counsellors, general business services, life coaches, philanthropy opportunities, health and wellbeing practitioners, and more.

The Intend Financial team is excited about how we can help you achieve everything you want in life – because we know that life is bigger than finance.

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Because success is different for everyone...

A new home. Family. A secure future for you and your children. Their education. A sound investment. A comfortable retirement. The dream holiday (that never ends).

Success is different for everyone. And the pathway to success is different too. And inevitably, while you’re on that path – life happens. It can be crazy… messy… unpredictable… and glorious.

So we’re here to help you stay on track, and achieve success, whatever that may be for you. Our boutique financial advisory group goes beyond the expected. We apply a holistic approach to your needs – not only providing comprehensive and highly personalised financial advice, but also connecting you to a range of professional, personal and wellbeing services through our trusted network.

A team who live by their values...

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At Intend Financial, we’re energised and motivated by understanding how we can connect with you – to help you connect with everything you want in life.

Our team share strong values, and we embody the idea of balance. We encourage one another to do what we each enjoy', to ‘live our best life’ by finding balance at work and outside of it.

Put simply, it’s all about relationships – knowing, understanding, and respecting people, no matter whether they are colleagues or clients.

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